Ogden Northern Utah Pure Natural Raw Honey
Ogden Northern Utah Local Pure Raw Honey


Northern Utah Raw Honey

Hello And Thanks for stopping by our Golden Spike Honey Apiary! Our operation is still small, but our passion for quality local honey is huge. Our beehives are nestled along the Old Millcreek in Historic Ogden Utah, which is the oldest settlement in the Utah Territory.

Our Bees Forage a variety of plants and trees from April until early September,, bringing to harvest a most delightful blend of several naturally occuring honeys here in Northern Utah - nothing added, nothing taken away . . . ever!

We Sell This golden honey locally in a variety of sizes. When available, our 22oz pints have a beautiful chunk of cut honey comb inside. It is a rare opportunity to enjoy honey the same way your grandpa ate his wild honey. When the honey is gone, you still have a genuine mason jar worth about a dollar to use for your canning needs.

To Learn More about us, our honey, honey bees in general, and the benifits of local raw honey for your good health, please use the navigation "honeycomb" to the left to get around our Home on the Web. Thanks again, and Bee Well!!

Ogden Northern Utah Pure Natural Raw Honey

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